Friday, January 6, 2012


Wow, I was so happy that this year I could have 4 birthday cakes! Thank you for all my relatives and friends who celebrated with me!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's eve

Wow, in a twinkle of eyes, year of 2011 is going to end soon. I still remember last year about this time, I was having sem break and was waiting to go to Kota Kinabalu with my gang.

For this coming new year, I guess I made up my mind for a few new aims.

(1) Continue what's good I had been doing
(2) Study hard, score well
(3) Keep fit, on healthy diet
(4) Muscle building
(5) Save money for my vacation

I hope that after a year of today, when I look at this again, I would have achieved all of them, not just an empty promise to myself.

Happy new year James, and a happy birthday :)

Thursday, September 1, 2011






4.「窮則獨善其身」,下一句同學填 「富則妻妾成群」。




9.「洛陽親友如相問」, 同學對「請你不要告訴他」…







Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Moving to Klang

Didn't realise that time passed so fast and in a twinkle of eye, I was about to enter third year, clinical posting.

I had been staying in this house in PJ for a year, even though there was some unhappy things happened during the stay, I would miss the place very much and my housemates as well.

Luckily we had a housemate farewell dinner before we left at Zanmai, Garden.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Trips during the longest break

The only longest holiday that I would be having within these 3 years would be after my second year. That was why I fully utilised it by doing the most enjoyable thing - travelling.

Within this period, which is about 1 and a half month, I travelled to three different places, excluding KL where I used to study.

First destination : Taiwan. Marvellous, first time taking business class, though it's only Airasia. I love the people and the snacks there. Memorable one, hope I would have chance to go there again. The stuffs are cheap.

Second destination : Singapore cum JB. This was actually to company my best friend Jason to Singapore since he said he didn't been to south part of Malaysia before. We just backpacked there for each night in each place. I still felt heart pain spending Sing Dollar.

Third destination : Sabah. This is second time in half a year I'm going to Sabah. But both missions were totally different. This time was for the sake of doing charity to the poor in a rural aborigine village. It was quite a meaningful one and I finally got to experience myself what a villager's life was and the warmth of the villagers, with all the kids running about. The life was simple and healthy. The best thing was the whole village was situated just behind the Kota Kinabalu mountain, the tallest mountain in southeast asia. You could imagine how nice the scenery was!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


I encountered 3 stories in a day, pertaining to philosophy of human beings.

The very first one, it was from The Star newspaper's pullout. A small little boy, at the age of 6, was with pancreatoblastoma and he was told that he could only survive for a year, or maybe 5 among the handful of rare cases. The little boy, never stopped believing that it was like other sickness, for instance, flu or fever, that would recover soon right after it. Before going into the operation theatre, the boy went before the status of Jesus in the foyer of John Hopkins hospital. He put a small notes on it, written, ' This is Grayson. Please heal other kids.' This simple little notes made the newspaper readers in tear when the journalist discovered it. Miraculously, the boy is now 19! Even though he's suffering from many other disease, he never gave up on his cheerful smile and doing a fund-raising for the hospital for the children like him! That's why, sometimes, we should not be so selfish, only thinking of ourselves. Try to think for others, share your love, your everything. You may be losing something, but in other way, you may gain something invaluable!

The second one, it was a story from the radio. A king, who had a buffalo hump, didn't really feel satisfied with his abnormal figure. He didn't want people to take photo of him. Soon, he became very pessimistic. One day, there came an artist and would like to offer to draw the king a portrait. The king complained that he didn't have a good outlook and refused so. However, he was then convinced by the artist that he would draw him a portrait of how the king was supposedly looked like. The king with a perfect outfit and figure in the portrait. He hung it in the majestic hall and he would look at it every day, thinking that he would be looked that way. As time went by, the King became optimistic and was unconscious over the vanishing of his hump! He looked exactly the same as the one in the portrait! In the nutshell, if we have faith and beliefs in ourselves, nothing is impossible. Just having to step out for the very first step!

Last but not least, I got this story from a close friend of mine. I was told that he's a vegetarian. The past he encountered didn't really sound great compared to others. However, he never gave up in doing charity and being happy of his life. I just got to know that the single-mother's son, had a few adopted younger siblings. His family let them to stay in their house for already so many years and my friend treated them like his biological siblings! I could see now he was blessed for something, maybe he realised that though. Yes, something may be not so successful, but others are going smoothly. I hope that as time goes by, he would get better and better. I pray hard for God that He would take good care of him. If possible, I would take care of him in the future for his good deeds because I love this friend so much! He had been my one of the best companions ever.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Human Beings

Recently something happened on me dawned me that this society is a reality.

Non of your close friend, or even your family members, would sacrifice anything, prior to money, for you without any condition. Every one would do anything for a reason. No matter how good he conceals, one day, he would unveil it inadvertently or purposely. That's the real colour of him.

I wonder, is there really such good Samaritan who would not bother and just to lend you a freaking hand? Well, I did have one, nearly close to perfect. But I just realised I was being brain washed by another cunning friend whom I didn't wake up from his world! I felt bad of myself for treating him badly just because of the words I listened without filtering them before they entered into my Wenickle's area. I should have be there to support him fully. Anyway, it was a past now.

Not to say friends, even your lover would do the same thing to you. Normally, they would always want you to pay for them, and they would reluctant to pull out the notes from their purse or wallet! But this normally happens to guys, of course. If you don't pay for them, you're not gentlemen, you're stingy, you're bla bla bla. Please, if I were working, that's fine, I'm still a student! Should you foot the bill a little bite, not to say fully AA, at least to lessen my burden. Some lover even would ask money from you, open both of their hands, and the funny thing is, they are working while you're not!

Sometimes, it happens on family members as well. I came across someone, their sons wanted to eat an egg, they would have to pay 30 cents! What the, is this family or a business? You want to give birth and you want to count until so detailed with him?! So, you do expect what you 'invested' for the first 20 years won't be paid back because the son would flee? That's funny.

I confess that I'm not a so-called perfect friend. But at least I would sacrifice for any one anything, that's reasonable, including money! Well, as you know, I'm a student, what do you expect?!